Monthly Archives: May 2017

Ep. #4-Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

On this week’s episode we tackle 1994’s ill-conceived Tom Robbins adaptation EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES, in which indie auteur Gus Van Sant tried his hand at comedy–with disastrous results. Big phallic thumbs, literal douche bags, peyote, countless celebrity cameos, and some stock footage whooping cranes all combine to create a maddening viewing experience. You’ve been warned.

Ep. #3-Excessive Force

This week we delve into 1993’s action “extravaganza” EXCESSIVE FORCE, the film that was supposed to launch Thomas Ian Griffith to action superstardom. Instead of the next Steven Seagal, he became the next Michael Dudikoff (look it up). As we discuss, the guy is certainly the master of sweep kicks, elder abuse, and gross double entendres.

Ep. #2-She’s So Lovely

On this week’s episode we discuss 1997’s SHE’S SO LOVELY, a romantic comedy featuring a hard-drinking, chain-smoking, and very pregnant Robin Wright Penn, with Sean Penn and John Travolta as the two men who just might be crazy enough to fall in love with her. Emphasis on the crazy. Did we mention this film features sexual assault in the first five minutes? And that this was billed as a comedy? We break down how it only takes “journeyman” director Nick Cassavetes (The Other Woman, The Notebook) 95 minutes to desecrate his father John’s legacy.

Ep. #1-Marci X

Our very first episode of Summer Blockbuster!?! takes a look at 2003’s MARCI X, a film that features Lisa Kudrow rapping about her purse, Damon Wayans summoning the power in his pants, Christine Baranski doing the splits, and enough casual racism and bigotry to embarrass anyone with a pulse.