Monthly Archives: October 2017

Ep. #26-The Fly-1986

As our Month of Horrors Extravaganza comes to an end, we take a look at David Cronenberg’s ooey-gooey remake of THE FLY from 1986, a film so gross that it nearly made our guest lose her lunch. And who can blame her? Bones are broken, limbs are dissolved with acid, and jaws are ripped clean off. And we haven’t even mentioned Jeff Goldblum’s mullet! Meanwhile, co-host Steve seems most horrified by the journalistic ethics on display, while Luke takes a liking to the name ‘Stathis Borans’. So grab a barf bag and enjoy!

Ep. #25-Raising Cain

Our Month of Horrors Extravaganza continues this week with 1992’s split personality thriller RAISING CAIN, directed by the divisive Brian De Palma. John Lithgow camps it up as the stupidly named Carter Nix and his multiple personalities. But which performance do we love more? The ineffectual husband? The leather jacket-clad, cigarette-smoking bad boy Cain? The Norwegian father with the laughable accent? Or the sensibly dressed and coquettish Margo? Somehow deadly sundials and Andrea from Beverly Hills, 90210 make their way into proceedings, but what proves most perplexing is the definition of the word ‘swarthy.’ We’re still baffled.

Ep. #24-The Wicker Man (2006)

Our Month of Horrors Extravaganza continues with a truly terrifying flick, 2006’s THE WICKER MAN, starring Nicolas Cage in a bear costume and a whole lot of angry bees. Women will be punched, bikes will be stolen at gunpoint, and writer/director Neil LaBute will reveal that nothing is scarier than a misogynist with a $30 million budget. But will we ever learn how that doll got burned? Seriously, how’d it get burned?!! How’d it get burned?!!! How’d it get burned!!!! We attempt to get to the bottom of it all. Bring your Epi-pen.

Ep. #23-Tales From the Hood

This week, we kick off our October Horror Extravaganza with Rusty Cundieff’s TALES FROM THE HOOD from 1995, a supernatural anthology with a social conscience. What happens when racist cops, child abusers, drug dealers, dirty politicians, and white supremacists mix with zombies, monsters, mad scientists, and killer dolls? As we discover, this ain’t your average trip to the Terror Dome.