Monthly Archives: November 2017

Ep. #28-Justice League

On this week’s episode, we flip the SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER!?! formula on its head as we tackle a behemoth of a film that was tailor-made for mindless air-conditioned consumption but instead released just in time for the holidays–2017’s JUSTICE LEAGUE. We bring in the biggest comic book nerd we know to determine if DC has struck cinematic gold or simply disappointed audiences once more. Ben Affleck’s hair plugs, Jason Momoa’s pecs, Amy Adams’ self-respect–nothing is off the table as we serve up our own brand of…uh, justice. Spoiler alert: Someone gives this the highest rating in the history of our podcast. Also: SPOILER ALERT! THIS EPISODE CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR JUSTICE LEAGUE!!

Ep. #27-Son-in-Law

On this week’s episode, we get into the festive spirit with 1993’s SON-IN-LAW, and nothing screams the holidays like a Thanksgiving-set Pauly Shore flick originally released on Fourth of July weekend. Cones will be cupped, grindage will be munched, and gigs will be weized, as The Weasel takes on Midwestern farm life, buuuuuuuudy! And–spoiler alert!–we may have a soft spot for the doofus.