Monthly Archives: January 2018

Ep. #32-Baahubali: The Beginning

On this week’s episode, Summer Blockbuster!?! meets Bollywood as we take on 2015’s Indian epic BAAHUBALI: THE BEGINNING, a film that is 90% CGI and 100% batshit insane. Will our hero ever discover that he is the long-lost son of the titular, all-powerful warrior? It might be a whole lot easier if he would stop singing, dancing, desecrating sacred religious monuments, sexually degrading women, and decapitating complete strangers. And that’s just the first half of this film! Michael Bay, eat your heart out.

Ep. #31-200 Cigarettes

On this week’s episode, we celebrate the new year by taking on 1999’s New Year’s Eve comedy 200 CIGARETTES. An all-star cast parties like it’s 1981 as everyone from Ben Affleck to Dave Chappelle to Christina Ricci try to find some approximation of love before the clock strikes midnight. Can Paul Rudd and Courtney Love(!) take their friendship to the next level in a coffee shop bathroom? Will a delusional Kate Hudson ever realize that Jay Mohr is super gross? Can Casey Affleck be anything other than skeevy? And why is Elvis Costello being labelled a necrophiliac? Hell, we haven’t even mentioned the attempted sexual assault that is played for laughs. Maybe there is a reason why this sucker was released in February…