Monthly Archives: February 2018

BONUS EPISODE-2018 Oscar Predictions

This week, we’re bringing you a special bonus episode of SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER!?!, as Luke, Steve, and three of their favorite guests tackle the 2018 Oscar nominations. Can GET OUT win the big prize? Will Gary Oldman finally get some Oscar love? And can someone please explain to us what the heck ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ. is doing here?!! Seriously, that movie is a pile. So break out the ballots and get ready to win those office Oscar pools. Trust us, we’re pros.

Ep. #34-Love & Friendship

On this week’s episode, we continue to celebrate everything Oscars by tackling 2016’s LOVE & FRIENDSHIP, Whit Stillman’s comedy of manners that seemed to tick off all the Oscar boxes: Critically-acclaimed writer/director; period piece; big castles; fancy costumes; English countryside; Jane Austen. So why, then, did it get the shaft come awards season? And did it deserve its fate? Spoiler alert: Co-host Luke does not have kind words for the Academy.

Ep. #33-Beyond Rangoon

It’s Oscars month here at SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER!?!, and we kick things off by discussing 1995’s BEYOND RANGOON,  a white savior-thriller whose awards prospects were pretty much dashed the moment director John Boorman decided that audiences should view the violent political uprising in 1980’s Burma through the eyes of a near-comatose Patricia Arquette. Can our heroine overcome personal tragedy? Or does all this pesky genocide keep getting in the way? Some countries are sooooo selfish.