Monthly Archives: March 2018

Ep. #37-Clean Slate

On this week’s episode, Dana Carvey plays a bumbling private eye suffering from short-term memory loss in 1994’s film noir “spoof” CLEAN SLATE. What do you get when the director of the Whitney Houston vehicle THE BODYGUARD and the creator of THE GOOD WIFE combine forces to make Carvey into a sexy leading man? A comedy that is ironically forgettable. And we haven’t even mentioned the clumsy dog with no depth perception. Yeah, it’s that kind of movie.

Ep. #36-Monkey Shines

On this week’s episode, we tackle 1988’s truly nutso horror flick MONKEY SHINES, directed by the granddaddy of suspense, George A. Romero. What happens when a quadriplegic with anger issues is paired with a cute Capuchin that is undergoing sinister lab experimentation? Well, one could say monkey trouble, but we’re above such cheap puns here at SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER!?! Monkey see, monkey do, monkey kill a whole bunch of people! OK, seriously, we’ll stop now. But it takes a special film to combine adorable monkey antics with brutal murders and graphic sex scenes. Yeah, you’ll have to listen to this one to believe it.

Ep. #35-Crash (2005)

On this week’s episode, Oscar Month comes to a close as we tackle 2006’s Best Picture winner CRASH, a film often cited as the worst to ever receive the Big Prize. Has time been kind to the racially-charged ensemble drama? Or does it deserve the ridicule and scorn? Sandra Bullock hurls ethnic slurs, Ludacris gets involved in human trafficking, cop Matt Dillon sexually abuses innocent motorists, and everyone at SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER!?! collectively utters “WTF?!”