Monthly Archives: May 2018

Ep. #43-Solo (1996)

On this week’s episode, we’re talking all about SOLO–no, not the new STAR WARS spin-off, but the 1996 low-rent action flick starring Mario Van Peebles as the titular robot. When an android designed to be a top secret military weapon suddenly grows a conscience, he naturally goes on a violent killing spree, the irony of which is completely lost on the filmmakers. But it’s in the name of the weak and exploited, including an adorable moppet, so we’re cool with it. Plus, Adrien Brody pops up as a totally gnarly scientist, and William Sadler is on hand to both chew and devour the scenery as the dastardly villain. Basically, it’s the greatest thing ever. Eat your heart out, George Lucas.

Ep. #42-Self/less

As DEADPOOL 2 snarks its way into theaters this weekend, we take on another Ryan Reynolds flick that was completely ignored by audiences in the summer of 2015: the stupidly named thriller SELF/LESS, directed by Tarsem Singh. When terminally ill billionaire Ben Kingsley has his consciousness transferred into the body of Reynolds, he discovers that going against nature has its consequences. But then he looks in the mirror, and he’s ok. Or not. Somehow flame throwers play a crucial role in the proceedings, which delights all of us here at SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER!?! more than it probably should. Hey, it’s better than GREEN LANTERN, that’s all we’re sayin’.

Ep. #41-Moms’ Night Out

On this week’s episode, in honor of Mother’s Day, we take on 2014’s religious family comedy MOMS’ NIGHT OUT, directed by The Erwin Brothers. What’s a harried mother to do when her obvious clinical depression is getting the best of her? How about a crazy night out with the girls?! Balls will be bowled, kidnapping schemes will be foiled, and stereotypes will be reinforced, all in the name of the Big Guy upstairs. We even brought on a mother/daughter tag team as our guests, who will probably never speak to us again after being subjected to this poison love letter. Happy Mother’s Day!

Ep. #40-Milk Money

On this week’s episode, SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER!?! celebrates its one-year anniversary by taking on another comedic catastrophe from MARCI X director Richard Benjamin: 1994’s MILK MONEY, in which a horn-dog 12-year-old boy attempts to set up his father with the prostitute he has hiding in his tree house. And did we mention the potential lovebirds are played by the seriously sexy Ed Harris and Melanie Griffith? Yes, this is a film that actually exists. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.