Monthly Archives: June 2018

Ep. #48-Kazaam

On this week’s episode, we return to the never-ending well that is Shaquille O’Neal’s prosperous acting career and take on his first starring role: 1996’s KAZAAM, in which the NBA legend stars as a 5,000-year-old genie who is summoned from his boombox prison by an obnoxious tween punk to help the kid through his daddy issues. And, naturally, to rap. Meanwhile, there’s a music piracy subplot featuring beloved ’90’s musician Da Brat (whose very existence is called into question by our guest), rampant allusions to slavery, the graphic mastication of goat eyes, and finally, the murder of a child. So, you know, grab the kids for this family classic and enjoy!

Ep. #47-Carnosaur

On this week’s episode, we travel back to the summer of 1993 to tackle an epic dinosaur tale from a Hollywood legend: CARNOSAUR, courtesy of the one-and-only Roger Corman. Wait, was there another dino-related pic that year or something? We doubt Steven Spielberg or Michael Crichton could ever come up with a story about a mad scientist who plans to wipe out the deplorable human species by creating a virus that impregnates women with dinosaurs. Yes, you read that correctly. So skip the trip to JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM this weekend and instead listen to three guys talk about some cheap dinosaur puppets attacking too-willing victims.

Ep. #46-Hereditary

On this week’s episode, SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER!?! heads to the movie theater to check out 2018’s much-discussed and divisive thriller HEREDITARY, directed by Ari Aster and starring Toni Collette. So is this truly the scariest film ever made, or has A24 pulled another bait-and-switch on horror-loving filmgoers? And what the hell is going on in this movie, anyway? We’re going to get to the bottom of it all, and suffice to say, heads are gonna roll. WARNING! THIS EPISODE CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS!

Ep. #45-Xanadu

On this week’s episode, we tackle another ’80’s cult oddity: Robert Greenwald’s XANADU, a roller skating disco musical from 1980 that arrived about a year after disco officially died and is shockingly short on singing. But it sure has roller skating. So much roller skating. And Gene Kelly in what is arguably the most embarrassing swan song in film history. At least Olivia Newton-John is on hand as a neon-emitting Greek muse who pretty much crushes everyone’s dreams. Yeah, this is a confused film. So, naturally, co-host Luke loved it. He should be ashamed.

Ep. #44-The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

On this week’s episode, we hitch a ride to Crazy Town as we take on 1984’s cult curiosity THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI ACROSS THE 8TH DIMENSION, directed by W.D. Richter. ROBOCOP himself Peter Weller stars as the titular adventurer, just your average neuroscientist/rock star/samurai warrior trying to save the universe from an evil alien race hellbent on revenge. Or something. Honestly, this film is incoherent, but that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Co-host Luke sure loves it, anyway. Or maybe he just has a crush on Perfect Tommy. Really, we can’t blame him. So grab your oscillation overthruster and take a listen!