Ep. #17-Whispers in the Dark

On this week’s episode, things get steamy with 1992’s “erotic” thriller WHISPERS IN THE DARK, a film whose idea of sexy is having respected actors like Alan Alda spout such choice dialogue as, “You probably had a spontaneous emission right in your blue jeans.” And it only gets grosser from there.

Ep. #16-From Justin To Kelly

On this week’s episode, we tackle 2003’s infamous American Idol musical romance FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY, A.K.A. CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION: THE MOVIE. Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini prove to be about as sexy as a case of chlamydia on spring break, while the musical numbers make one yearn for the complexity of a junior high school talent show. And those are the positives. Who says what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Oh, wait…

Ep. #15-Bullies

On this week’s episode, we head all the way back to 1986 and take a look at the long-forgotten teen thriller BULLIES, in which a backwoods hick family terrorizes some wussy big city folk. Somehow dirtbikes, bear traps, and borderline-magical Native Americans make their way into the proceedings, but really, everything you need to know about this film can be found by looking at the photos on its IMDb page. It’s hotter than tight ski pants in July in here!

Ep #14-Lords of Dogtown

On this week’s episode, we grind (well, not sexually) on 2005’s LORDS OF DOGTOWN, a skateboarding flick for the Pac Sun crowd that certainly lives up to the “dog” in its title. Brain tumors, Emile Hirsch as a Latino gangster, Heath Ledger with big fake teeth, uncomfortable brother/sister relationships, and Sofia Vergara’s breasts surprisingly all make appearances here, resulting in a totally gnarly takedown, bro.

Ep. #13-Steel

It was inevitable. On this week’s episode, we discuss 1997’s infamous comic book adaptation STEEL, starring beloved character actor Shaquille O’Neal and a woman in a laser beam-shooting, rocket-fueled wheelchair. Yeah, we couldn’t make this stuff up even if we wanted. Cue the free throw jokes!

Ep. #12-Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

On this week’s episode, we examine 2015’s Sundance award-winning ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL, an indie dramedy that is unbelievably even more twee than its title. Can genuine emotion escape the self-satisfied dialogue and quirky characterization? And can someone please turn down the damn Lou Reed?!

Ep. #11-Breakdown

On this week’s episode, we discuss Jonathan Mostow’s 1997 thriller BREAKDOWN, in which Kurt Russell’s hair tracks down the sinister backwoods truckers who have kidnapped his wife. Yeah, it’s as badass as it sound. All hail The Russell!

Ep. #10-Pootie Tang

As the latest Spider-Man swings its way into theaters, this week we take a look at a very different kind of hero introduced to audiences in the summer of 2001–the one and only POOTIE TANG, courtesy of Louis C.K., of all people. Armed with gibberish, a magical belt, and the world’s worst film editor, he’s gonna sine your pitty on the runny kine, whether you like it or not. Kapa-chow!

Ep. #9-The Book of Henry

On this week’s episode we head back to the movies for 2017’s THE BOOK OF HENRY, and how could we resist? It’s a heartwarming family dramedy featuring such staples of the genre as child sexual abuse, negligent parents, terminal illness, interpretive dance, and cold-blooded murder. Yeah, this one’s crazy. So grab a waffle and take a listen! WARNING! THIS EPISODE CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS!!

Ep. #8-It Comes At Night

On this week’s episode we head to the movie theater and check out a film that critics love and audiences seem to despise, 2017’s “horror” flick IT COMES AT NIGHT. So what exactly is ‘it’? Why is ‘it’ coming? And, hey, why is the screen suddenly so tiny? We attempt to get to the bottom of it all, while wondering why the studio’s marketing team hasn’t yet been drawn and quartered. WARNING! THIS EPISODE CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS!!