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Ep. #70-Garden State

On this week’s episode, we take on 2004’s Sundance sensation GARDEN STATE, directed by and starring Zach Braff as an angsty struggling actor suffering from a mid-midlife crisis who must confront his past when he returns home for his mother’s funeral. There’s also an epileptic, lying Manic Pixie Dream Girl played by Natalie Portman; veiled anger at the working class; a butt-ton of anti-depressants; one giant infinite abyss; and enough indie quirk to smother a dozen hipsters. And we haven’t even mentioned the Shins-laden soundtrack. So does this film deserve its status as the whipping boy of the early 21st century indie scene? Well, one of our guests doesn’t call it “Garbage State” for nothing.

Ep. #12-Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

On this week’s episode, we examine 2015’s Sundance award-winning ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL, an indie dramedy that is unbelievably even more twee than its title. Can genuine emotion escape the self-satisfied dialogue and quirky characterization? And can someone please turn down the damn Lou Reed?!