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Ep. #95-Moulin Rouge!

This week, we here at SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER!?! have a spring in our step and a song in our heart as we discuss 2001’s gonzo musical MOULIN ROUGE!, directed by the one and only Baz Luhrmann. Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman play doomed lovebirds at the titular nightclub, where the activities taking place aren’t nearly as insane as the filmmaking on display. From the seizure-inducing imagery to the pop song mash-ups, you’ll swear you downed a bottle of absinthe by minute three. But does it all still hold up 18 years later? Follow the green fairy and find out!

Ep. #39-Eyes Wide Shut

On this week’s episode, steamy eroticism meets social commentary as we take on Stanley Kubrick’s controversial final film, 1999’s EYES WIDE SHUT. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman portray a status-obsessed couple whose marriage hits a rough patch, resulting in a journey of self-discovery that includes everything from masquerade orgies to sultry sailors to underage prostitutes–and no, this is not a documentary. Can matrimony survive upper-class monotony? Something tells us this isn’t in heavy rotation in the Kidman-Urban household.