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Ep. #115-Under the Cherry Moon

This week, SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER!?! celebrates Valentine’s Day by taking on one of the least romantic romances ever filmed: 1986’s UNDER THE CHERRY MOON, directed by Prince. The pop icon followed up his smash hit PURPLE RAIN with a black-and-white homage to screwball comedies that plays like a giant middle finger to critics and fans alike. Those expecting musical performances should look elsewhere, as this movie is far more concerned with its unlikeable leads trading lame barbs. Naturally, co-host Luke loved it. He truly has no shame.

Ep. #2-She’s So Lovely

On this week’s episode we discuss 1997’s SHE’S SO LOVELY, a romantic comedy featuring a hard-drinking, chain-smoking, and very pregnant Robin Wright Penn, with Sean Penn and John Travolta as the two men who just might be crazy enough to fall in love with her. Emphasis on the crazy. Did we mention this film features sexual assault in the first five minutes? And that this was billed as a comedy? We break down how it only takes “journeyman” director Nick Cassavetes (The Other Woman, The Notebook) 95 minutes to desecrate his father John’s legacy.