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Ep. #101-Drag Me To Hell

Our Month of Horrors Extravaganza continues this week as we discuss 2009’s DRAG ME TO HELL, directed by Sam Raimi. Alison Lohman stars as a meek loan officer who angers the wrong old lady and winds up with an ancient Gyspy curse. She has got three days to figure out how to stop it before she’s dragged to…well, you know, it’s right there in the title. Raimi is back in EVIL DEAD mode here, but is this a true return to form? All we know for sure is that we never need to see anything enter or leave Lohman’s mouth again for as long as we live. That came across as dirtier than we wanted. Sorry.

Ep. #76-Darkman

On this week’s episode, we tackle 1990’s superhero goof DARKMAN, directed by Mr. Evil Dead himself, Sam Raimi. Liam Neeson stars a brilliant scientist/liquid skin inventor who gets blowed up real good and becomes the disfigured vigilante known as Darkman, who will stop at nothing to thwart an evil real estate developer. Yes, that is indeed the plot of this film, which took five people to write. Think of it like BATMAN meets BREAKIN’, but with way more gore. It’s hard to hate any movie, though, whose plot hinges on something called The Belisarius Memorandum, which is only the fifth most ridiculous thing in this flick. We’ll have what Raimi is smoking, thanks.