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Ep. #83-Shaft (2000)

Christian Bale Month continues this week as we’re talkin’ about 2000’s SHAFT, directed by John Singleton–you damn right! Samuel L. Jackson stars as the titular hero, a smooth-talking police detective who delivers his own special brand of justice when an overprivileged and racist trust fund baby (Bale) commits a hate crime on the streets of New York City. The only thing he can’t defeat, though, is a script that crosses the blaxploitation elements of the ’70’s original with what basically amounts to a Very Special Episode of Law & Order. But we sure do love Jeffrey Wright in this movie. Somebody give the man an Oscar!

Ep. #5-187

On this week’s episode we tackle 1997’s 187, in which Waterworld director Kevin Reynolds attempts to subvert the inspirational teacher flick by giving us a murderous–and shockingly subdued–Samuel L. Jackson as a vengeance-seeking educator. Limbs will be severed, lives will be taken, and lessons will be imparted. Oh, and if you thought Dangerous Minds would have been cooler if it ended with a game of Russian Roulette, look no further!